1. Do you stock your pickles?


Yes, we stock seasonal pickles such as mango, tamarind, amla pickles, etc. But, these are not stocked in pickle form. Raw pieces of the main ingredient i.e. mango, tamarind, etc. are cut, mixed in salt and chilli powder and stored for the future. Whenever you place an order for these pickles, we make them fresh from these stored raw pieces.


  1. Which oil is used in pickles?


We have our own oil extraction machine. Pure oil is used for all the pickles, prepared with the love.


  1. How are your products packaged?


Pickles are generally packaged in a food grade plastic jar or packaged in a food grade Ziplock plastic pouch.All our packaging is tamper-proof to make sure your pickles reach your kitchen intact with the same care and love they were made with.


  1. What methods of payment are available?


Bheri Group offer you multiple options for payment. You can pay via debit card and credit card as well as use Paytm and UPI to order your favourite products.


  1. Is there any minimum order value?


No, there is no minimum order value in Bheri Group.